IEN 2500

VeriFone’s IEN 2500 chassis is the perfect solution for
small to mid-size branch offices looking to centralize
or compartmentalize traffic data. With its “pay as you
grow” cost-optimization strategy, VeriFone’s IEN
devices ensures every network investment delivers the
greatest possible value for the longest possible time.

Product Brochure

Features & Benefits

Reliability Built In

  • Provides four slots for plug-in, hot-swappable port processors and supports up to eight physical interfaces
  • Part of the long-lasting, world-renown family of IEN products
  • Built on a framework that relies on requirements and industry standards
  • IEN chassis can be used separately or combined to scale to meet any network requirement
  • Utilizes a unique internal transport mechanism and encryption technology, which as the ability to transport data in its native mode, saving bandwidth and providing secure transmission for transactions

Flexible Development And Growth

  • Allows users to start small and expand their framework as new requirements arise
  • Provides freedom to implement more cost-effective services, to continuously integrate newer applications and to tailor a complete network solution that extends existing investments
  • Securely provides unequaled support of data and POS payment transactions
  • Allows offices to centralize or compartmentalize traffic from a combination of WANs, including Frame Relay and IP
  • Fully configurable from network management system; requires no command line configuration
  • Interconnects multiple chassis’ with extended bus