Card Manufacturing

Hypertech Caribbean Ltd is the Authorized Caribbean Distributor for Valid USA , a leading global card manufacturer. Valid USA , Inc. delivers innovative secure transaction and smart card solutions, custom-design, cutting-edge technologies and total quality manufacturing capabilities for contactless, contact, dual interface smart cards and traditional magnetic transaction cards.
Hypertech Caribbean Limited provides a complete service, from recommendations on design, provision of card industry specs, ordering, shipping, handling and secure delivery in compliance with VISA & MASTERCARD security mandates. 

We supply:

  • Magnetic Stripe (HiCo) cards
  • Chip Cards (Contact & Contact less)
  • Stored Value Cards
  • Transit Cards
  • Access control cards/ID cards

Through Valid USA, Hypertech offers world-class smart cards. With its expertise in chip-card engineering and advancements in applications and technology, Valid USA  manufactures cards that are smarter than ever before. Valid USA 's line of smart cards include: 

Contact Cards

  • Feature high-quality performance and durability
  • Classic surface finishes
  • Adaptable to offset or die-sublimate printing
  • Custom printing available
  • Choose imaging, laser engraving, embossing and magnetic stripe options
  • Popular solution across multiple applications

Contactless Cards 

  • Feature superior quality, durability and RFID performance
  • Available in matte or gloss surface finishes
  • Adaptable to offset or die-sublimate printing
  • Custom printing available
  • Support quick-pass transactions for saving time
  • Built-in processor for power retrieval
  • Ideal for mass processing: local transportation, sports event ticketing
  • Customer maintains possession of card at all times
  • Easy-to-use: Fast pass before reader
  • Slim fit for wallet or purse
  • Streamline access through toll booths, theatres, gas stations, trains, airlines 

Dual Interface Cards 

  • Global solutions for next-generation challenges
  • Expanded usage for new and traditional markets
    Combine surface pad for contact applications with RFID capabilities
  • Highly versatile for access control, automatic fare collection, identification, electronic pursing, cashless vending and portable databases
  • Flex- and twist-proof
  • High-quality surface finish minimizes rejects during card manufacturing
  • Accommodate different chip types and antenna sizes
  • Different sheet formats, materials and customized antennas available