VX 680

VeriFone’s VX 680 is a full-function, portable, handheld payment device packed with performance, including NFC and a large, colour touch screen. And all on the proven VX platform – making it the perfect choice for businesses on the go.


Product Brochure

Features & Benefits


  • A large, sharp, 3.5", color display fits into the smallest fullfunction, portable handheld device
  • An illuminating, blue-backlit keypad with built-in spill resistance, ideal for low-lighting situations and the most demanding environments
  • VX platform with the Verix operating system – more than 11 million devices sold, for the world’s best-selling payment devices
  • Backward compatibility with existing applications and accessories for VX 670 helps protect your investment


  • Full flexibility to manage multiple NFC mobile wallets, apps and programs. Apps are fully insulated and firewalled from each other and existing payment apps, ensure completesecurity on payment transactions
  • Tailored specifically to the needs of merchants on the move –from delivery services and stadium vendors to restaurant pay at-the-table applications
  • Landed smart card reader delivers incredible readability for hundreds of thousands of insertions, and keypad withstands more than one million key presses
  • 400 MHz ARM11 processer provides 3x faster processing to keep merchants’ lines moving and provides quick, trouble-free downloads
  • Exponential increase in memory to 192 MB standard – exceeding 500 MB with optional Micro SD memory storage