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Hypertech Caribbean Limited is a leading provider of Card Payment Solutions in the Caribbean. Our solutions add value at the point of sale (POS) for financial institutions, merchants and consumers and yield increased profitability for our clients. We are recognized regionally as an end-to-end solutions provider because we offer a comprehensive range of technologically advanced point of sale products and services. This range includes consultancy and project management services; VeriFone POS technology; POS network development and installation; credit and debit card production and delivery, and supplies for VeriFone POS terminals.

Our experience, expertise, vision and alliances with global technology companies and service providers enable us to deliver the solutions our clients need.

We are committed to the success of our clients through quality services and solutions.


“To be the leader in Point of Sale Technology, providing innovative and customized end-to-end solutions with unparalleled reliability and service delivery”


“We make Heroes of our Employees, Clients and all of our Business Connections”

Meet The Team


Meet the Team

George Modell

Non-Executive Chairman

As founder and Non-Executive Chairman, George is the visionary principal in successfully establishing and positioning Hypertech as a leading Caribbean company, known for providing strategic Point of Sale and Network Solutions.

Having trained in the UK, USA, Canada and Mexico, his experience in the technology business spans over thirty five years, and his knowledge and expertise has been extensively imparted to his succession team.

George saw the need to provide the market with a technologically advanced POS payment solution. In expanding his business, he gained the Distributorship from VeriFone (formerly Hypercom Corporation) in 1996 for the Caribbean and Netherlands Antilles, and with its growing success, subsequently formed Hypertech Caribbean Limited in 1999 and has since received VeriFone’s prestigious Regional Distributor Award and Partnership in Service Award for its achievements in the sales and service support to many of the region’s largest banks.

Athol James

Chief Executive Officer & Director

Athol is the Chief Executive Officer & Director of Hypertech Caribbean Limited and the Director of POS Network Systems. Having trained in the US, his professional qualifications, (Electronics Technology, MIS) and experience in the Network Communication Industry spans over twenty (20) years, which includes certification by VeriFone Networks International.

With this expertise in Network Integration Technology, Athol is responsible for Strategic and Analytical Business Development, Establishing New Partnerships, Emerging Technology and Communication Trends, Systems Integration, Network Infrastructural Design, Project Management of POS Software Development and Delivery.

In his capacity, Athol continues to Manage the Network and Technical Division ensuring proper implementation of customized Network Solutions and on-going support for valued Clients.

Eddy Bourne

Director Card Division

Eddy is a Director of Hypertech Caribbean Limited and the Manager of the Banking Card Division. He is responsible for business development, sales & professional support for major banks throughout the Caribbean region. Eddy has over eighteen years experience in the Card Manufacturing Industry, which enables him to successfully provide Clients with a full service, from recommendations on card design specifications to fully secured delivery all in compliance with VISA and MASTERCARD Security Mandates.

Jason Modell

Director POS Systems

Jason is a Director of Hypertech Caribbean Limited and the Manager of Point of Sale systems. He is responsible for contract development, sales and support for the Point of Sale terminals deployment. Jason has over twelve years experience in this industry and holds an Associate Degree in Business Management from Humber College of Applied Arts & Technology, Canada and a Post Graduate Degree in Management Information Systems from the University of the West Indies.

Adrian Persad

Manager Network Support Services

Adrian is the Manager of Network Support Services with responsibility for professionally installing and managing Network Sites and the planning of all Network Infrastructural Projects. Adrian is also responsible for conducting Level 1 and 2 Training Programs for Client’s Network Engineers, and providing network support throughout the region. Adrian has acquired over ten years experience in the Networking and Telecommunications field. Adrian currently holds Diplomas in both Telecommunications Engineering Technology and Electrical Engineering Technology and a Bachelors Degree in Electrical Engineering Technology majoring in Telecommunications.

Ameelia Ali-Maraj

VP Business Development / Financial Controller

Ameelia is the Company’s VP Business Development / Financial Controller. She is responsible for professionally managing Hypertech's Financial Reporting as well as generating and maintaining Account portfolios and performing key Administrative functions required within all the Company’s Departments. Ameelia has held this position for over fourteen years, having obtained Accounting qualifications with the Association of Certified Chartered Accountants (ACCA).

Azad Ali

Procurement Manager

Azad is the Procurement Manager and is responsible for managing contracts and providing reports associated with the company’s Products and Services Inventory & Delivery Division. Azad has over twenty years experience with effectively representing Hypertech’s banking clients in the direct deployment and installation of Point Of Sale Terminals and supplies to over 8,000 merchants located throughout Trinidad & Tobago.

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